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Who are the agents?

Thank you for calling Connect Centre. This is Crystal speaking, how may I assist you. This is your typical call center greeting. But this is anything but typical. It is behind bars. And there are some 40 customer service representatives, all inmates serving out their sentences. The prison service says that the women here are selected for their ability to communicate well.

Reported by Johnson Choo

Channel NewsAsia (dated 24 August 2005)

We work with Singapore Prison Services and SCORE (Singapore Corporative of Rehabilitation Enterprises) to provide call centre training for inmates, who are currently serving their sentence, as a focal point in our rehabilitative effort towards their re-integration to the society upon their release. Connect Centre taps from a diversified pool of talents in male and female inmates. Agents who have had working experience in either the service industry or corporate companies are trained and deployed in our call centre. Our objective is to provide a valuable skill, which they are able to use in their future employment.

What Security Measures?


where are we?


Why Us ?

Why not us? We protect your data in a closely monitored environment with call agents who do not have access to means that allow information and data out of the premises.

Our key strengths are lower costs, effective human resource planning, and security of sensitive information due to our unique location